Posted by: edtechceo | March 8, 2012

Blog Post 4 – Choosing a Tool

John Spenser, in his blog, TeachPaperless, suggests asking a series of questions when deciding on a Collaboritive Grouping Tool.  From those questions, he took multiple popular Tools and showed where they would fall on a Collaboration Grid.

I really liked this idea.  I wrote:

This is great example of thought process.  Really, when any of us choose to use a tool, we need to think about the function and format of what we are trying to do before using the tool.  One of the most exasperating things for me is when someone chooses a tool because it is trendy or something they already know how to use, and then are frustrated that it can’t do everything they want it to do.  Your graph is a nice visual representation of how people SHOULD choose between tools.  I also like the questions that want people to consider.   Do you think there are any other major questions that people should think about when choosing tools?


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