Posted by: edtechceo | February 16, 2012

Blog Post 3 – Mad Libs and 1-to-1

In her post, “Why the (__noun__) won’t save/revolutionize education”, Sylvia in her Generation YES blog writes:

“We’ve all heard how (__noun__) will save/revolutionize education. But unfortunately, it’s not going to have the expected impact. Some may use (__noun_) in an exciting, creative way, and will be able to say that their students are engaged at a new level. But many implementations of (__noun__) will be thoughtless, with opportunities for even minor impact buried under a host of systemic issues that can’t be solved by going shopping.”

I responded:

“Nice points. As our district has been looking to go 1-to-1, we have tried to be device agnostic, not basing our discussion or decisions on one device. Still, there many times when the “__noun__” slips into conversation, depending on which noun camp someone is currently in. I can see how difficult it is to make decisions about 1-to-1 without a device, but I also sometimes feel like 1-to-1 is our “noun”. It has become that because it is the placeholder in which many our hopes for the future of technology has been placed. I still feel that we are acting appropriately and truly thinking out the plan, not just jumping into it, but if we have trouble containing our excitement about certain nouns and we are purposefully containing our excitement, what happens to districts who cannot quell the urge to use the next big NOUN?”

As we move towards 1-to-1, I’m not as concerned about the device and not as excited about it.  What excites me is what teachers will do when rethinking their lesson plans and methodology, when they begin to think about what is the most important aspects of their classes, when they are excited to teach.  This is when I will say, ” (__INTERJECTION__)!!!”


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