Posted by: edtechceo | February 16, 2012

Blog Post 2 – Technology to increase learning

In his blog, Education with Technology Harry G. Tuttle, Tuttle recently posted “Learn not be engaged in technology.” An example of what he means follows:

“Also, an “engaging” activity may be for students to create a video showing an understanding of a play  in their English  class. The students  can be fully attentive to the project but if they focus on sword play instead of the plot of the play, their engagement does not end up in learning.”

I responded with:

“I agree with your post. So many students become so enthralled with the process of using technology, that they forget about the learning. However, I believe the same thing happens with teachers as well. They often get so caught up in the next “neat thing” that they forget the reason for using the technology. When I use technology in my classroom, I make sure that I can assess what the students learned, not just what picture they found. By looking at what new connections they are making in their knowledge, that’s where teachers can see real learning though technology taking place.”

Educational technology must be so much more than using technology.  Without a purpose, technology creates more problems than it solves.  With a purpose, technology becomes a transformative tool.


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